In order to keep your children safe, well cared and educationally engaged, it is important that your family care provider has more than genuine love for children. The care provider you employ should be able to help you with the daily organisation and running of your home alongside the daily care of your child.

What to expect

The Candidates duties as a Nanny, Babysitter or Maternity Nurse includes: 

• Exceptional presentation 

• Trustworthy behaviour 

• Conscientious about safety 

• Stimulate children's emotional, physical, social and intellectual development 

• Act as a family member whilst ensuring professional boundaries are in place at all times 

• Perform daily duties including feeding, bathing, dressing and engaging with learning activities 

• Ensure the the childs’ bedroom, play areas and main living areas are organised and maintained, incorporating additional services such as grocery shopping at the Clients request.


Nanny – The role of a nanny is to provide a safe, caring, supportive and stimulating environment, in which the children thrive and develop. The general responsibilities of a nanny include all tasks related to the children during the average working hours of 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Additional hours for this service should be agreed before employment commences. 

Babysitters – The role of a Babysitter is to provide temporary care for children while the parents are otherwise engaged. Babysitting usually takes place within the parents home and can last from a few hours per day or night across and weekdays and/or weekends. 

Maternity Nurses – The role of a Maternity Nurse is to provide specialist knowledge and qualified expertise in the areas of supporting, caring and advising new parents in all areas related to their newborn child. This skilled and highly individualised service allows the new mother to rest and recover from the birth of her baby, whilst learning the necessary techniques for their newborn to feed, play and rest safely.

Products and services:


Nannies & Babysitters

Full time/Part time permanent position


Maternity Nurses

General (up to 6 months)





Temporary positions

1. Nannies, Babysitters and Housekeepers (Up to 3 months assignment) 

Full time/Part time  - £30.00 per day or £80 per week

Holiday Nanny working abroad - Two times the normal temporary assignment fee. 

PS: For bookings over 5 weeks pay only for 5 weeks placement

Emergency Nanny/Maternity Nurse - £60.00 if requested 12 hours prior to the booking and the full fee of the assignment of a Babysitter/Nanny service.

2. Maternity Nurses

£70 per week and night for 24 hour assignments.

PS: For bookings over 5 weeks pay only for 5 weeks placement. 

Permanent Position

1. Nannies, Babysitters and Housekeepers

2 week salary of the service (minimum fee £200.00 applies) 

Where babysitting is involved and the hours are not regular (exact fee cannot be calculated), a flat fee of £120.00 (equal to permanent babysitting fee) is to be added to the Agency fee. 

2. Evening Babysitters: The Agency can only provide permanent Babysitter assignments for £150.00 introduction fee, which the Client can be in contact with the Babysitter at any time they require without a fee being applied. In the event the Babysitter is unavailable, the Agency will place a free replacement Babysitter (up to 2 occasions per month), providing a 48 hour notice period is given by the Client. This free replacement will cease after one year. Babysitters can work only from 6pm; if the Candidate placed by the Agency as a Babysitter is asked to work before 6pm the Client must let the Agency know and to be invoiced accordingly.


• Our goal is to satisfy the client therefore, we match one of our best candidates to your family. 

• Our candidates are experienced and trained professionals. 

• We provide an affordable and simplified service with the lowest fees in West London. 

• We offer a loyalty scheme to our returning clientele. 

• We are committed to collaborating in children’s community projects that encourage sustainable healthy practices 

through social and voluntary activities. 

• We have strong testimonials from satisfied clientele.