Definitions of “Terms”

“Candidate” – The job seeker who is introduced to the Client by the Agency.

“Agency” - Nanny & Me, Ltd

“Matching Process ” – Takes place when the Agency notifies the Client the detail of the potential Candidate for the purpose of employment, also referred to as assignment.

“Engagement” - Employment of the Candidate of the Client.

These Terms and Conditions shall represent a contract between the Agency and the Client and are estimated to be accepted by the Client when registering with the Agency. All business undertaken between Nanny & Me, Ltd is subject to these Terms and Conditions.


The role of the Agency is to introduce registered Candidates to registered Clients based on the Clients’ needs. It is the responsibility of the Client to notify the Agency when the commitment is agreed. At this point, the Client is required to inform the Agency about the agreement between them and the Candidate, the weekly salary, length of contract and commencement of employment.


The Agency fee is still applicable if the Client had previously acquired the Candidates contact details through other channels prior to the Agency providing her or his professional profile to the Client. This fee also applies if the Client made arrangements but did not follow the Nanny & Me, Ltd hiring process, with employment commencing after the Agency’s recommendation.

When engagement is made between the Client and Candidate, the Client is fully responsible in negotiating all Terms and Conditions with the Candidate. The Client will also be responsible to make arrangements to pay the Tax and national insurance, to obtain a work permit (or visa), to investigate medical history and make arrangement for special medical requirements of the Candidate.

2.1.The invoices are generated immediately after an assignment is offered by Client and accepted by the Candidate.

2.2. An invoice is generated immediately after each assignment is completed by the Candidate and offered by Candidate. The client has 7 days after receipt of the relevant invoice from the Agency to pay or by the start date of the employment; whichever is sooner.  The payment is calculated by the Agency fee structure.

2.3 If the weekly salary of the Candidate increases during the first six months of starting an assignment, the difference of the Agency fee will be invoiced to the Client with payment required within 7 days.

3. Refund Policy/Penalties

3.1. Conditions of refund and replacement:

•   The agreed work conditions are met and the work environment is acceptable.

•   The agreed Agency fee was paid by the Client (section 2.2)

•   If the Client does not arrive on the agreed start date of the contract or cancels before the agreed start date, a full refund will be paid or free replacement arranged.

•   If for any reason the Client cancels the assignment before it commences, 25% of the Agency fee will be refunded (provided this fee was paid as stated in section 2.2).

If the Client fails to pay the Agency fee within 48 hours after the first reminder (sent not earlier than 14 days after the Client being invoiced or the start date, whichever is sooner), a £100 fee is charged by the Agency. If after 48 hours of the second reminder (sent not earlier than 28 days after the Client was invoiced or the start date, whichever is sooner), a £250 fee will charged by the Agency and the Candidate will be informed that the assignment must be terminated due to contract violation.

3.2 Refund Table

•   Replacement

The Agency will provide a replacement or a refund according to the Refund Table (whichever is the Client’s choice) if the Candidate’s assignment terminates in the first 8 weeks. The first day of assignment and the last working day that the contract ceases must be proven by either a signed contract or letter/email signed from both parties (Client and Candidate).

        B.   Conditions of Assignment

If the Client chooses a service and the Agency fails to provide a suitable Candidate, the Agency will provide a refund issued according to the Refund Table.

If the Client chooses a refund and eventually hires a Candidate not registered at the Agency, the Agency will provide a 50% refund of the total amount of the invoice.

•   Refund percentage:

1st and 2nd week the refund will be issued by 100%

3rd week, the refund will be issued by 75%

4th week the refund will be issued by 50%

5th week the refund will be issued by 40%

6th week the refund will be issued by 30%

 7th week he refund will be issued by 20%

 8th week the refund will be issued by 10%

4. Temporary placement

If the Candidate leaves before the end of the contract, a refund will be issued for the remaining time the Client paid in advance, or a free of charge replacement will be provided to cover until the end of the contract.

5.  Confidentiality

All information supplied by the Agency is strictly confidential. The passing on of details of a Candidate to third parties will hold the Client liable to pay the full Agency Introduction fee according to the relevant fee structure.

The client is not allowed to offer assignments (full or part-time) to our registered Candidates without the Agency's knowledge at any time after introduction.

The booking of a Candidate introduced by the Agency has to follow in accordance with the Agency process, unless the Client has paid the permanent Introduction fee of £150.00.

The Client must destroy all personal information and documents of all the Candidates the Agency has provided if the assignment was not offered. The Client must not contact the Candidate(s) at any time in the future without the consent of the Agency.

By agreeing to this Terms and Conditions, the Client gives full permission to the Agency to pass on information suitable for the Candidates.

6. Liability

Nanny and Me, Ltd endeavors to find the most reliable and suitable Candidate for the Clients and only register Candidates with relevant experience and qualifications. However, we advise the Client to carry out their own research and make the necessary preparations to interview the Candidate.

All Candidates are registered with Nanny and Me, Ltd once recieving proof of the following valid documents:

•   DBS Checked

•   First Aid certificate

•   Professional trainings certificate/Experience 

•   Professional references checked.

If the Client offers an assignment to a Candidate that does not have one or more of these documents, the Agency takes no responsibility of the outcome.

Nanny and Me, Ltd shall not be liable under any circumstance for any loss, damage, expenses, claims, delays, cost or compensation, which may be suffered by the Client arising from or in any way connected with the Agency seeking a Candidate or engaging a Candidate with the Client.

Variation to these Terms and Conditions can only be made with the written consent of the Director of the Agency.